A Place of Healing

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Following purchase from the Uniting Church in 2006 the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) is coordinating the return of a 2.7ha block of bush (known as the bush block) located adjacent the original Sister Kate’s Home to SKHKAC for the development of a Place of Healing.

The Bush Block provides an amazing opportunity for SKHKAC to build capacity within the organisation and continue to expand on the programs they already offer.

The SKHKAC Bush Block a is 2.7 hectare site located in Queens Park, Perth, Western Australia. The site sits adjacent Queen’s Park Primary School and Sister Kate’s Aged Care. The site holds great significance for those who stayed at Sister Kate’s as children, the Bush Block was a safe place where the children would play, and families who came to Perth to visit their children in the home would secretly camp. It is fitting that the site continues to offer support and healing for SKHKAC and the wider community.

Below is the current concept plan for the Place of Healing.

A Place of Healing