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Due to the originality and creativeness of our community engagement and cultural awareness initiatives, our process is to:

(individual/group/organisations/tourist industry/corporate world/other)
(purpose focus)
(timeframe of interface engagement/context/content/outcome)
(site preference/walking country/yarning circles - sharing-up sessions/hands on participation)
(finale events - cultural participation certificates/artwork unveilings/cultural corroboree)
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Client - WSP

Though SKHKAC has been delivering a wide range of cultural healing, empowerment and capacity building programs to our members and their families including other Stolen Generations groups and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community – we have now added to our Program Prospectus by developing a Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) Program package for both Aboriginal organisations, government departments/ agencies and the corporate world.


This new initiative is proving to be a growing success with our staff delivering our first program to WSP (major construction company who work with WA Main Roads) in 2018, where 100 of their Executive Management and staff have completed the training.

WSP Ceremony

To finalise the training and to complete their program, a cultural gathering was held on the SKHKAC Bush Block, where the art work produced by the WSP staff during the creative expression component was unveiled and handed over to Alan Rimmer WSP Managing Director, where he relayed it would be showcased on their organisation’s reception wall so visitors can see the efforts of his staff in

WSP Dance

The event ended with a cultural dance performance with all WSP and SKHKAC staff and dignitaries celebrating the conclusion of the training with the Njumbi dance.

Client - Main Roads WA

Following on the heels of the WSP successful CAT program, SKHKAC have engaged the WA Main Roads for a similar program for their Executive Management Team and their 850 staff in the metro area – where 400 have already completed the training to date, with another 450 to complete it in March and April 2020.

Main Roads

On conclusion of the metro area, there is a strong possibility that SKHKAC may also pick up a further 400 staff at various main areas in regional WA.

MRWA Cultural Day

The SKHKAC CAT program is proving to be a great success in our program service and delivery and this has been garnered via the evaluation component by both WSP and WA Main Roads staff, highlighting both the effectiveness of our cultural knowledge sharing focuses, creative expression with group art sessions and working collectively to develop high level outcomes within these organisations Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP), to better prepare staff to work with Aboriginal traditional owners in country.

Cultural Training WA