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Below is a sample of the programs SKHKAC deliver

Wildflower Essence Workshops
(mind-body medicine to alleviate acculturative stress and stress-related illness)
Cultural Healing Bush Camps
(metro area and regional WA)
Traditional Noongar Healing Practices
(metro area and regional WA)
Series of Collective Programs - For Stronger Homee Families
(bush block initiatives)
SKHKAC School & After-School Care
(cultural teaching/learning/sharing programs)
Collaboration Research and Evaluation Projects
(metro area, regional WA and National Initiatives)
Local, National and International Exchange and Community Engagement Initiatives​

Living in the Covid Space, The New Normal

SKHKAC COVID 19 Program was funded by the National Healing Foundation in response to the national health crisis, which saw a multi-tide of emergency actions put into place including addressing the urgent needs of Stolen Generations families, which make up a large percent of Sister Kate’s Homees, Elders and descendant families in Western Australia.

SKHKAC delivered a range of need basis programs within six-month period, with of two major components; the food care packages to 100 Stolen Gen family through Western Australia and the Perth metro area – and the production of a Health DVD, which focused on both a political and health pandemic they have experienced during their lifetimes to the present day.

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Cultural Healing Bush Camps

SKHKAC deliver a series of Men’s, Women’s and Family Cultural Healing Bush Camps every year which are undertaken for SK Homee families and supporters of our programs. As a further extension of these initiatives, we include healing, empowerment, and cultural teaching/learning and sharing components, which are proving to be a great cultural asset in strengthening the cultural knowledge identity and pride in our members.

Lake Yealering Cultural Healing Bush Camp 2021

SKHKAC delivered this cultural healing bush camp in the wheatbelt region for MYFAC, an Aboriginal organisation that works to support Noongar youth in the south-west WA.

The camp provided an opportunity for younger generations to connect with their culture in country at Lake Yealering, a significant site in the region for these younger people and all Noongar people connected to that part of country Noongar country.

Men's Cultural Healing Bush Camp - October 2021

Ngooni Wonginabiny, Maladjiny Kwobitj Danjoo Brother Healing, Growing Strong Together

This men’s bush camp is one of a range of same type camps funded by the Healing Foundation to enable SK Homee men and their younger male family members, to come together to connect to country and learn cultural practices from Noongar Elders and Cultural Knowledge Holders – providing a cultural vehicle in country to learn about cultural objects for ceremonies but also to generate a sense of cultural identity and pride and place of belonging.

Men's Cultural Healing Bush Camp - September 2019

Since 1982 the ATOM Awards have been celebrating the best of Australian and New Zealand screen content from the education sector and screen industry professionals.

They are the second- longest-running film and media awards in Australia, behind the AFI/AACTA Awards, having been held annually over 35 years.

The 2020 ATOM Awards feature 30 categories covering everything from feature-length films and televisions programs to animation, short fiction, education resources, and new media including web cam series, websites, and apps.

RISEN and Film Clip, and the Men’s Camp have been submitted from various categories.

Women's Cultural Healing Bush Camp - October 2021

Djookana Wonginabiny, Maladjiny Kwobitj Danjoo Sisters Healing, Growing Strong together

This camp in one in a series of camps funded by the Healing Foundation over several years for our SK Homee women and their female family members, where cultural knowledge is shared with younger generations, who have access to Elders and Cultural Knowledge Holders to heal together in country.

The camp focus was also embedded in cultural teaching/learning and to make cultural objects for ceremonies and healing practices.

Women's Cultural Healing Bush Camp - September 2019

SKHKAC holds several women gatherings per year, over the last decade, which have proven to be very beneficial to our members and their family’s cultural, social, and emotional well-being.

Since our Women’s Bush Camps have been staged, both on the Bush Block and various sites throughout the metropolitan area, these have also established a support base with various women from other cultures, where there has been a sharing and celebration of cultural difference and reconciliation.

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